The Process of Polishing Sapphire Wafer (Part 1)

The Process of Polishing Sapphire Wafer (Part 1)

The last process of the sapphire wafer is also the most important one, namely polished sapphire wafer. The quality of polishing process directly determines whether the product can be sent out and whether it meets the requirements of customers. The competition in this field is very fierce and also very strict. The following is to talk about the factors that determine the polishing yield.

1. Polishing fluid.

Sapphire is a substance whose hardness is inferior to diamond in nature. Therefore, polishing sapphire wafer must first soften the sapphire to achieve the purpose of grinding. At present, alkaline polishing fluid is widely used in the industry to achieve better surface effect. The polishing fluid is very expensive, 30 or 40 yuan per kilogram, and one machine may consume about 100 kilograms a day, so its cost is the highest . How to better and more effectively use the polishing fluid is a major issue for us.

2. Polishing cloth.

The polishing cloth is used to rub the wafer, and it should be used with the polishing fluid. Therefore, if the polishing fluid is selected, the polishing cloth that is most suitable for the polishing fluid must be found. If the polishing cloth and the polishing fluid are not matched properly, the product quality will be greatly affected, and even the product will be unqualified. When choosing a polishing cloth, we must fully consider wear resistance, firmness and durability. By the way, wafer thickness is strictly required and must be controlled within a certain range. Therefore, the selection of suitable polishing cloth directly affects the product quality.

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