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    To meet the customers' flexible needs on sapphire wafers, CRYSCORE provides dicing, polishing and coating services.

    We can supply sapphire wafers pre-diced into 5mmx5mm, 10mmx10mm small pieces, or other sizes required by the customers.

    The polishing surface can reach 10/5 scratch/dig. AR coated optical sapphire windows can be provided as well.

    Please feel free to contact us if you have any demands by email

    If you are looking for polished sapphire wafers, windows or any other patterned sapphire substrates, contact our sincere team and we'll suggest the choicest one for your requirements. 

  • Packaging & Shipping
    Packaging & Shipping

    At CRYSOCRE, all the wafers will be cleaned and packed in class 100 cleaning room. With a high level of attention to detail, CRYSCORE does our best on the packaging and shipping. From the wafer flat to the label, from the inner cassette to the outer carton, we always pay close attention to every detail.

    25 pieces a pack or single pack is available to maximize customer flexibility in their research. We use compact packaging for our wafers, for safer shipping and cost-saving.

    Generally, our wafers will be delivered by DHL to ensure you will receive them on time. If you require other shipping ways, please feel free to let us know.

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