Custom Sapphire Wafers

Custom Sapphire Wafers

CRYSCORE supplies sapphire wafers with the high-quality surfaces in all orientations (C-plane, A-plane, R-plane, M-plane, N-plane, V-plane, 10-14, etc.) and, with a miscut if desired.

In addition to standard dimensions and orientations, orientation offcuts and orientation flats are available to maximize customer flexibility in their research or business. All these sapphire wafers are cleaned and packed in class 100 cleanroom. They are Epi-Ready grades to meet the customers' rigorous requirements.

  • A-Plane (11-20) Sapphire Wafers
    A-Plane (11-20) Sapphire Wafers
    A-plane(11-20) sapphire wafers have uniform dielectric constant and highly insulating characteristic, so they are generally used for hybrid microelectronic applications.
  • M-Plane (10-10) Sapphire Wafers
    M-Plane (10-10) Sapphire Wafers
    Due to its application prospects in solar blind ultraviolet detection, MgZnO alloy semiconductor films with suitable band gaps have attracted more and more attention.
  • R-Plane (1-102) Sapphire Wafers
    R-Plane (1-102) Sapphire Wafers
    R-plane(1-102) sapphire wafers are preferred for the hetero-epitaxial deposition of silicon used in microelectronic IC applications.
  • N-Plane (11-23) Sapphire Wafers
    N-Plane (11-23) Sapphire Wafers
    N-plane sapphire wafers are not as common as C-plane(0001), A-plane(11-20) or R-plane(1-102) wafers.
  • V-Plane (22-43) Sapphire Wafers
    V-Plane (22-43) Sapphire Wafers
    Researchers have investigated the crystalline morphology such as lattice plane curvature and lattice plane tilting in (20–21) GaN films on (22–43) patterned sapphire substrates (PSS).
  • Specified Orientation Sapphire Wafers
    Specified Orientation Sapphire Wafers
    CRYSCORE can provide other specified orientations, such as (10-14) sapphire wafers and many others. All these wafers feature excellent material properties.
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CRYSCORE's Excellent Custom Sapphire Wafers

  • 99.99% high purity single crystal Al2O3 material.

  • Special CMP technology ensures custom sapphire wafers' high performance at low costs.

  • Provide all orientations for custom sapphire wafers with excellent surface quality.

  • Custom sapphire wafers cleaned in class 100 cleanroom by ultrapure water with quality above 18MΩ *cm.

  • 25 pcs a pack or single pack is available to maximize customer flexibility in their research.

  • Traceable product serial number.

  • Compact carton packaging for safer transportation and cost savings.

  • Standard wafers are generally in stock to ensure fast delivery.

Among all the sapphire substrate suppliers, CRYSCORE has its unique advantages, contact us to get the details.

Custom Sapphire Wafers
Sapphire Product- Inquiry
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