Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Responsibility for Society

Our mission is to contribute to the advance of world culture by working to improve society through the products we produce and sell. 

CRYSCORE's basic management objective clearly expresses the purpose of our business activities as well as the purpose of our existence. As the key element of this philosophy, we have the basic concept of the "company as a public entity of society." All the management resources of a company–including the people, money, and commodities–all come from society. 

While the company engages in business activities using the resources entrusted by society, it also develops along with society, and so the company's activities must be transparent, fair, and just. This is also the very essence of CRYSCORE's CSR.

Responsibility for Environment

CRYSCORE recognizes the importance of preserving the natural environment that sustains all life on the earth for future generations and thereby ensuring that all humanity can attain a healthy and enriched life. In order to realize such a sustainable society. We strive to achieve a zero environmental footprint throughout the life-cycle of our products and business activities.

We reduce our environmental footprint and prevent environmental pollution throughout the life-cycle of our products and business activities by complying with all applicable environmental regulations and also by continually improving our global environmental management systems.

Responsibility for Employees

CRYSCORE obeys the laws and regulations, respect fundamental human rights, work to ensure equal opportunities in employment, and respect individuality and privacy. Our policy regarding these fundamental human rights is comprised of our Code of Conduct, as well as into our core values, which we constantly strive to uphold.

CRYSCORE-Corporate Social Responsibility

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