Round Sapphire Windows

Round Sapphire Windows

Sapphire has better light transmittance in the wavelength range of 0.20 - 5.50 μm and the infrared transmittance hardly changes with temperature. The sapphire window's transmittance CRYSCORE manufactures is higher than 85 % at 380 nm to 780 nm.

Different Sizes of Round Sapphire Windows

  • Dia. 110mm Sapphire Windows
    Dia. 110mm Sapphire Windows
    Optical components and infrared-transmitting optical windows are made by high-quality optical-grade sapphire.
  • Dia. 0.5-inch Sapphire Windows
    Dia. 0.5-inch Sapphire Windows
    Compared with glass windows, sapphire optical windows have superior abrasion resistance, toughness and fracture resistance.
  • Other Round Sapphire Windows
    Other Round Sapphire Windows
    Sapphire windows can be found in applications across the whole optical industry as well as in the field of measurement and analytical instrumentation.
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Advantages of Round Sapphire Windows

The sapphire windows with round shape produce by CRYSCORE have a series of excellent characteristics, such as high strength and hardness, the high-temperature resistance abrasives, good corrosion resistance ability, excellent light penetrability, and electric insulation performance. The maximum diameter we supply is up to dia. 290 mm.

Sapphire Wafer Transmittance

Specifications of Round Sapphire Windows

Crystal Materials99,999%, High Purity, Monocrystalline Al2O3
GradePrime, Epi-polished
OrientationC-plane(0001) or any orientation
DiameterDia. 3.5 mm to 290 mm
Thickness0.18 mm to 30 mm or any thickness
Single Side PolishedFront SurfaceEpi-polished, Ra < 0.2 nm (by AFM)
(SSP)Back SurfaceFine ground, Ra = 0.8 μm to 1.2 μm
Double Side PolishedFront SurfaceEpi-polished, Ra < 0.2 nm (by AFM)
(DSP)Back SurfaceEpi-polished, Ra < 0.2 nm (by AFM)
Cleaning / PackagingClass 100 cleanroom cleaning and vacuum packaging, single piece packaging

Note: Custom sapphire windows with any orientation and any thickness can be provided.

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Round Sapphire Windows
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