Introduction to the Manufacturing Process of Sapphire Ingot

Introduction to the Manufacturing Process of Sapphire Ingot

Ⅰ. Introduction to sapphire ingot

Sapphire ingots are aluminum oxide crystals, which are used to produce sapphire substrates, the most advantageous upstream raw material for LEDs. Under the rapid development of LEDs, the industry has entered a period of vigorous development in an all-round way. With the full penetration of the LED industry, the demand for the most upstream sapphire products will continue to maintain rapid growth and have broad development prospects. Various artificial growth techniques for sapphire crystals have been continuously developed, and more than ten crystal growth methods have been born, such as flame melting method, pulling method, and Kyropoulos method.

Ⅱ. The manufacturing process of sapphire ingot

1. Crystal growth

Using a crystal growth furnace to grow large and high-quality single crystal sapphire crystals

2. Orientation

Ensure that the sapphire crystal is in the correct position on the rod-cutting machine to facilitate the rod-cutting process

3. Take the stick

Take out the sapphire ingot from the sapphire crystal in a specific way

4. Rolling

Use a cylindrical grinder to grind the ingot to obtain precise dimensional accuracy.

5. Quality Inspection

Ensure the quality of the ingots and whether the size and orientation of the ingots after extraction are in line with customer specifications.

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