Development of Patterned Sapphire Substrates

Development of Patterned Sapphire Substrates

The composition of sapphire is aluminum oxide. Sapphire has been used as a substrate material to form semiconductor devices since the 1960s. Because sapphire has high strength, high hardness, high wear resistance, high heat resistance, high wear resistance and high chemical resistance, even if the substrate body is reused, it will not cause degradation and damage. It can increase recycling frequency, reduce manufacturing costs and save resources, so it is very suitable to replace other expensive substrate materials. At present, the quality of the mainstream ultra-high brightness LED in the market depends on the quality of gallium nitride crystal layer, and the quality of gallium nitride crystal layer is closely related to the quality of led sapphire substrate used, which is also the reason why R&D personnel pays attention to the R&D and patent layout in the field of sapphire substrate.

Because sapphire has the above excellent characteristics, its substrate can be used repeatedly as the main substrate, so it can be used as the sacrificial substrate for LED. As a sacrificial substrate, the related patent applications mainly involve the improvement of the structure and material of the separation layer. The formation of the separation layer and semiconductor film on sapphire substrate to form semiconductor devices can reduce the process difficulty and cost.

In addition, in order to provide better raw sapphire crystal materials, the inventors also focus on the research and development of raw material processing technology and cutting technology and patent layout. For example, relevant patents improve the processing technology to manufacture larger patterned sapphire substrates, using diamond wire technology for cutting, so as to facilitate large-scale manufacturing and production of the sapphire substrate.

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