We have varied sapphire optical products: sapphire wafers, sapphire windows, patterned sapphire substrates, and sapphire ingots/sapphire rods. We all company are very strict in quality control because each sapphire product represents the identity and reputation of CRYSCORE.

We adhere to our objective that is zero customer complaints and zero overdue throughout the year.

Sapphire has a wide transmission range, spanning the three wavelength bands of ultraviolet, visible light and infrared and has high thermal shock resistance, high hardness and wear resistance. Almost no substance except the diamond can produce scratches on its surface, and its chemical properties are stable which is insoluble in most acid solutions. Furthermore, because of its high strength, windows made of sapphire are thinner.

Sapphire wafer is the most widely used substrate material in the semiconductor lighting industry, and patterned sapphire substrate (PSS) is the general method to improve the luminous efficiency of semiconductor lighting devices. These sapphire substrates are with periodic structures of various shapes such as cone, dome, pyramid, and pillar, etc.

Sapphire ingots are typically used as raw materials for further processing. These ingots are uniformly shaped, usually as cylinders. Most sapphire crystals grow in A-axis, and the most widely used sapphire substrate in the LED market is its C-plane (0001). Therefore, it is necessary to drill the c-plane sapphire ingot from the side of the crystal.

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