What is the Reason for the Long Polishing Time of Sapphire Window?

What is the Reason for the Long Polishing Time of Sapphire Window?

What is the reason for the long polishing time of the sapphire window? Let's have a look.

The window piece is mainly used for mobile phones. Many manufacturers will be very careful in the production process, especially in the polishing process. After all, it is the last process completed. If it is not operated properly, it will cause great loss and affect the corporate image. The grinding stage of the sapphire window can be roughly divided into three stages: rough grinding, fine grinding, and polishing. Rough grinding is to make it uniform, and fine grinding is to flatten it. The last one is what we call the completion stage: polishing to make it mirror-like. From these processes, we can know that the polishing process of the sapphire window piece is actually the process of corrosion and sweeping, and finally, reach the ideal state. The thickness of corrosion can be accurate to the Ångstrom level. As far as CRYSCORE knows, polishing is to make all parts of the sapphire window (lens) mirror-like.

In addition, as far as we know, there are the following reasons for the failure to achieve the mirror effect: First, the mirror surface is round or square, and the square one may be a long strip with four corners that are not completely polished; Secondly, there are more or less pits on the window piece; Third, there may be defects such as watermarks like orange peel, which make the sapphire mirror look bad; There is also the last point that we have summed up. It may be that there is a haze on the mirror surface and an atomization phenomenon. Among them, the third one is naturally formed, and the other three are probably produced by grinding in the early stage, which is why the polishing time of the sapphire window piece is too long. Therefore, it is necessary to be more careful in the production of sapphire window pieces, and it is necessary to produce the most perfect mirror so that traders can sell at ease and buyers can rest assured, which is the ultimate goal.

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