Innovative Patterned Sapphire Substrates Cutting Technology Will Reduce LED Production Costs

Innovative Patterned Sapphire Substrates Cutting Technology Will Reduce LED Production Costs

The price war of LED lighting continues. For related wafer manufacturers, how to reduce the production cost of LED wafers has become a key to survival. By introducing more advanced cutting technology of UV patterned sapphire substrates, LED wafer manufacturers can still effectively reduce LED production costs.


The price of LED lighting has continued to drop in recent years, making it possible to quickly replace traditional fluorescent lamps or energy-saving bulbs, and to effectively lead the prosperity of the LED lighting market. However, relevant businesses must continue to improve their own operational efficiency in order to survive in the industry with fierce price competition. At present, the most popular LED substrates are sapphire and GaN-on-Si, but patterned sapphire substrates’ prospects are still promising in the market.

As a result, the market launched a new type of UV laser rotary vane compressor, which focuses the laser beam on the surface of the brittle material and instantly cuts the sapphire substrate by using the high peak energy of the laser. With the characteristics of fast cutting, excellent quality and high cutting strength, this machine is equipped with transparent material penetration technology and it is suitable to be cut by patterned sapphire substrates with a thickness under 1 mm.

It is worth mentioning that this equipment is equipped with UV laser, so as to provide customers with equipment of better quality. Meanwhile, this machine can cut red and yellow light, silicon substrate wafers, and its built-in auto-focus system can realize rapid cutting and focusing of the substrate.

On the other hand, special equipment for UV cutting of online printed circuit boards (PCB) has also appeared on the market. Compared with the traditional cutting processing method, this machine uses non-contact processing. Therefore, during the process, there will be no machine stress and deformation, less dust, and less pollution to the environment. It can also process any graphics at once that can be converted at will, which not only saves the time of changing the mold, but also reduces the cost.

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