Epitaxial Thin Film on Sapphire

Epitaxial Thin Film on Sapphire

More and more materials are synthesized by means of deposition or epitaxy on the sapphire substrate.

Here we list some epitaxial layer (thin film) on sapphire for your reference:

GaN: LED application

SOS: Silicon on sapphire, semiconductor integrated circuit application

BN: h-BN insulator, buffer layer for graphene fabrication

ZnO: II-VI semiconductor, fabrication of surface acoustic wave device

AlN: on the patterned sapphire substrate, buffer layer for graphene fabrication or others

InN: by RF-MBE to get monocrystal InN on C-plane sapphire wafer, by MOCVD to get InN nanorod on R-plane sapphire

Al, Ga, In, N alloy: such as AlGaN, GaInN, InAlGaN, AlGaInN…

WSe2: TMDCs (Transition Metal Dichalcogenides), by CVD (Chemical vapor deposition) on C-plane sapphire

MoS2: TMDCs (Transition Metal Dichalcogenides), by CVD (Chemical vapor deposition) on C-plane sapphire

SiC: by LP-CVD (low-pressure chemical vapor deposition), on C-plane sapphire without AlN buffer layer

SnO: by PLD (pulsed laser deposition), on R-plane (1-102) sapphire

SnO2: wide bandgap, Ultraviolet material

ZnS: hexagonal lead-zinc structure

MgO: as a buffer material to induce polyoxide functional film

MgZnO: on M-plane(10-10) sapphire, the bang-gap alloy semiconductor film

BiFeO3: on GaN / C-plane sapphire

VO2: by PLD, on C-plane sapphire

MgB2: superconducting thin film

SiO2: by PECVD

ITO: conductive material

CeO2: buffer layer for superconducting thin film YBa2Cu3O7-δ(YBCO) fabrication

β-Ga2O3: on GaN / C-plane sapphire  

In2O3: MOCVD, On C-plane sapphire

NiO: transition metal oxide film

TiO2: wide-bandgap oxide semiconductor material, photovoltaic material, Transparent Conductive Film

YSZ: Yttria-stabilized zirconia, PLD, YSZ / TiO2 / C-plane (0001) or A-plane (11-20) sapphire

LiNbO3: solar cell application

CZTS: epitaxy on sapphire or ZnS, Solar cell application

CdTe: II-VI compound semiconductor, solar cell application

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