Deep Research Report of Sapphire Industry: New Demand Ignites Larger Market

Deep Research Report of Sapphire Industry: New Demand Ignites Larger Market

Ⅰ. Sapphire materials with excellent physical properties

Sapphire has excellent optical, physical and chemical properties. The crystal structure of sapphire (Al2O3) is hexagonal lattice structure, which is often used in A-plane, C-plane and R-plane. Sapphire crystal is an important basic material in modern industry. Sapphire has high strength, high hardness and erosion resistance, which is widely used in infrared military devices, satellite space technology and high-intensity laser window. Due to its unique lattice structure, excellent mechanical properties and good thermal properties, sapphire crystal has become the most ideal substrate material for semiconductor GaN/Al2O3 light-emitting diodes (LEDs), large-scale integrated circuit (LSI) SOS and superconducting nanostructured films. Sapphire is widely used in optoelectronic devices because of its wide optical transmission band and good transmittance from near ultraviolet to mid infrared. With the development of modern science and technology, there are higher requirements for the size and quality of LED sapphire substrate material.

Ⅱ. LED and consumer electronics drive sapphire market to break out

Sapphire is the most ideal substrate material because of its excellent performance, and is widely used in optoelectronic devices. Sapphire substrates are still an important application field of sapphire, mainly as LED substrate materials. According to French Yole statistics, sapphire materials used for substrate account for about 75%, and for non substrate account for about 25%. The substrate materials are mainly uesed for semiconductor lighting (LED) substrate, SOS and other related products, of which LED substrate materials account for more than 95%.

In the long term, LED lighting has entered the golden age of three years, and the demand has entered the stage of rapid growth, which will continue to drive the rapid growth of the industry. According to HIS research, it is estimated that the global LED lighting chip market will continue to grow at a high speed. Affected by this, large-size sapphire substrate will become the mainstream trend in the future.

The application size of sapphire is gradually changing from two inches to four inches, and the technology of larger size can be expected in the future. Large size bars can reduce the loss of raw materials. The chips produced by 6-inch round crystals are 10-12 times of that produced by 2-inch round crystals. However, the increase of geometric area is only 9 times of that produced by 2-inch round crystals. The edge effect caused by the decrease of curvature of round crystals can form more chips in the periphery. In the future, with the rapid growth of semiconductor lighting market, sapphire substrate with mature technology will move towards larger size. Therefore, the new demand brings new stimulus to the sapphire market. As a supplier of sapphire processing products, Cryscore Optoelectronic Limited will continue to keep up with the market demand and manufacture higher quality sapphire substrates and other corresponding products.

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