Sapphire Material Status and Market Analysis

Sapphire Material Status and Market Analysis

Sapphire is a single crystal of alumina(α-Al2O3), also known as corundum. Sapphire single crystal has a high melting point (2040 ℃), high hardness (Mohs hardness 9), stable chemical properties, good electrical insulation, especially excellent infrared transmittance. It can be used in near-infrared window, microwave tube dielectric material, ultrasonic transmission element, delay line, waveguide laser cavity and precision instrument bearing, balance blade, a semiconductor substrate, etc.

Sapphire single crystal and its products play an important role in both military and civil use because they are widely used in the national defense industry, aerospace science and technology research and civil fields. At present, the application fields of sapphire windows materials have been extended to civil fields, such as scanning windows of bar code scanner, fiber guide of the textile industry, camera outer lens, wear-resistant bearing, mobile phone panel and camera lens. It can be predicted that the demand for sapphire materials will rise rapidly in the future.

Sapphire is becoming more and more popular with smartphone manufacturers because it is tougher than glass and extremely scratch-resistant. Many professionals believe that the sapphire camera lens will become the "standard" part of high-end smartphones in the future.

The company should give full play to the existing technical advantages, equipment advantages and process advantages of the company, take the market as the guidance, improve the product structure, enter the key market of sapphire window materials as soon as possible, accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, promote the large-scale production of sapphire windows materials, and meet the market demand at home and abroad.

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