PSS in Short Spply Perhaps Provides Sapphire New opportunities

PSS in Short Spply Perhaps Provides Sapphire New opportunities

Patterned sapphire substrate (PSS) is now in short supply. Patterned sapphire substrate has become the mainstream market in Japan and South Korea, and the permeability will be gradually increased in other countries.


The advantage of patterned sapphire substrate is very obvious. It can greatly improve the brightness of the chip, effectively enhancing the brightness up to 20% - 30%, thereby greatly improving the luminous efficiency of LED.


Using patterned sapphire substrate(PSS) to grow epitaxial wafer is recognized as the most effective and direct way to improve the brightness of chips, and it is also the best choice for epitaxial wafer with high power and high brightness. In order to improve the extraction efficiency of the chip external light, cone arrayed regularly will be etched on the substrate surface to achieve the multiple reflection of light in the substrate.


According to the data of GLII, the total number of MOCVD devices in the world will rise to 2744 in 2020. To calculate in terms of 2 inches, the monthly production capacity of epitaxial wafer will reach 5.86 million. Based on the current market quotation of patterned sapphire substrate, which is about twice the price of ordinary sapphire substrate, the market scale is as high as 1.33 billion US dollars,  resulting market demand for PSS equipment as high as 586 million US dollars.


The rapid increase in market penetration of patterned sapphire substrate seems to be pushing up a new LED segment. For the future market outlet of sapphire manufacturers, on the one hand, it is to increase the scale of nucleation and seize market share with cost advantage; on the other hand, it is to seek high value-added sapphire substrate products, and patterned sapphire substrate(PSS) is one of them.

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